Back to school made fun!

Back to school made fun!

Learn To Swim in Style 🏊‍♀️

Check out the Kangaroo Beach water accessories collection to get the perfect gear for swimming practice! The Zoggs water accessories are perfect for fun activities in the water, designed to give your little one the best underwater experience.

Check out the collection here

Vegesaurs Readers 🦖📖

Step into the enchanting world of Vegesaur Valley with our picture books ‘Dinner Time’ and ‘Pea Rex Rollercoaster’. Follow along with the episodes on ABC iView or get lost in the vibrant graphics - a great way to get kids back into reading before school starts!

Check out the books here

The cadet’s favourite Shrub Shake Recipe! 🥬🥤

Looking for a healthy before- school breaky recipe? Check out the Kangaroo Beach cadets’ favourite shrub shake. A delicious and nutritious smoothie that even manages to sneak in a few greens! 

Download here

Draw Ginger! 🎨🥕

Teach your kids how to draw their favourite Vegesaur Ginger following these eight steps. It’s amazing the things you can create just using a few simple shapes, and it’ll make the perfect artwork for show and tell.

Download here


Dot to Dot ✏️🐨

Use numbers to connect the dots and finish off a drawing of a Kangaroo Beach cadet! Not only is this a great way to help develop your little ones’ pencil control skills, but it will also improve their counting. And to top it all off, once the dots have been connected, they’ll be left with an awesome outline of a character to colour in!

Download here

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