Cheeky ideas to keep the kids entertained this festive season! 🎁🎅

Cheeky ideas to keep the kids entertained this festive season! 🎁🎅

The perfect Christmas gift!

Image featuring products from Kangaroo Beach Christmas gift bag: Zoggs swimming goggles, Frizzy t-shirt and a red Zoggs drawstring bag.

Take the thinking out of present-buying this year with these Cheeky Little Xmas Gift Packs!

Whether your kid is a Kangaroo Beach enthusiast or simply loves the sand, surf, and sun, the Summer Starter Kit will have your little one beaming on Christmas morning.

Of course there’s also something for our Vegesaurs fans. Make a grand entrance this festive season with our Ta Da! Pea-Rex Tee before disappearing into the magnificent Valley of the Vegesaurs through our picture books.

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Christmas Ornament 🎄🦘

Dive into the festive season by crafting your very own Kangaroo Beach Christmas ornament. Let your creativity transform your tree into a dazzling display of holiday cheer. It's the ultimate way to include your favourite cadets in your Christmas celebrations! 

Download here

Snow Maze ❄️🏔️

Help Ginger and the Baby Pea-Rexes guide the baby Kiwimammuthus back to its burrow before it gets too sleepy! Fun Fact: Kiwimammuthus spend the winter months in a deep sleep called Hibernation, much like the real-world animals bears, hedgehogs and even some snails!

Download here

Neville’s Pudding Hat 👒☃️

Instruction image on how to create Neville's Pudding hat

Remember Neville's fabulous pudding hat from the Kangaroo Beach episode, Hoppy Christmas? Well, buckle up for some festive fun because now you can create your own! Unleash your creative genius with coloured pencils, pom-poms, and a sprinkle of glitter. If you’re feeling extra generous this season you could even elevate your Christmas lunch game by crafting one for everyone at the table! A sure-way to feast in style!

Download here

Scavenger Hunt 🎁🎅

'Tis the season of surprises, and the Kangaroo Beach cadets have a festive adventure in store for you. They've hidden a present in the house, let's find all the clues! With easy hiding spots told in clever rhyming couplets, you’ll be laughing all the way to your present. It's not just a game; it's a lesson in the art of delayed gratification—an ideal way to channel that bubbling Christmas morning energy!

Download here

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