Craft with a cause this March!

Craft with a cause this March!

It’s Clean up Australia Day this month so we’re finding ways to craft with a cause!

Rubbish Scavenger Hunt ♻️🔍

Clean Up Australia are hosting beach cleaning events all over Australia this March. Bring your little cadets along and help clean up your local beach. If you’re feeling extra creative, why not turn it into a scavenger hunt? All you need are tongs, a rubbish bag, and eagle eyes!

Find a beach near you

Turn your trash into treasure! 🧶🐙

When a wild storm hits Kangaroo Beach, Gemma has the genius idea of turning the debris scattered around the sand into trash pets! Check out the episode on ABC iView and get inspired to make your own trash pets out of recyclable materials!

Watch the episode here 

Carve your own Watermelonsuchus 🍉🐳

Carve your very own Watermelonsuchus following a few simple steps. Whether you use it for an epic table centrepiece, an alternative birthday cake, or a fancy-shmancy afternoon tea snack, deliciousness is guaranteed!

Download here

Colouring with a cause ✏️🐠

Like the Kangaroo Beach cadets, we love our oceans and understand the importance of keeping them clean. We also think there’s something to be said about promoting environmental awareness through art, and you can get involved by colouring in your own marine masterpiece featuring the cadets and some of their favourite underwater friends!

Download here

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