seo kangaroo beach

Kangaroo Beach is a much loved Pre School Children's animated television show created in Australia by Cheeky Little Media. The show features a cast of adorable animal characters who live by the beach go on adventures and learn valuable life lessons. The show is both entertaining and educational, suitable for young children and their parents.

We have created a range of t-shirts, plush toys and water accessories for fans of Kangaroo Beach to enjoy their most loved characters.

The Kangaroo Beach t-shirt range features Neville the Wombat and the words 'Wobbly wombats' which was a short series of Kangaroo Beach, Frizzy the Koala is also featured on a t-shirt with the words 'Oh My starfish' another short series of Kangaroo beach.

The Kangaroo Beach Plush Toy ranges features some of your favourite characters from the Kangaroo Beach: Neville the Wombat, Frizzy the Koala, Pounce the Joey Kangaroo and Gemma the Platypus.

The Kangaroo Beach range of water accessories, created in collaboration with Zoggs, features children's swimming googles and a swimming mask as worn by junior cadets Gemma, Frizzy, Pounce and Neville.