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Kangaroo Beach

Kangaroo Beach 8" Plush Toy - Frizzy

Kangaroo Beach 8" Plush Toy - Frizzy

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Frizzy is the adorable Koala from Kangaroo Beach, now available as a cute and expertly crafted plush. With her fluffy, gray fur and velvety softness, Frizzy is irresistibly huggable, making her the perfect companion for children of all ages. Her large, round ears and expressive eyes reflect her curiosity and playfulness, captivating the hearts of everyone she meets.

Frizzy's bushy eyebrows and sweet smile give her a friendly and endearing appearance. Her velvety paws are designed for hugging, and her sturdy frame ensures she can accompany your child on all their adventures, whether it's exploring the great outdoors or embarking on imaginative journeys in the comfort of home.

Frizzy the Koala from the Kangaroo Beach Plush Collection is more than just a toy; as a koala she is a lovable ambassador of Australian wildlife. Frizzy adds value to playtime by encouraging children to learn about wildlife and conservation in an engaging and interactive way. Bring Frizzy home, and let the adventures begin with this charming and educational plush companion!

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