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Defence Kidz

Defence Kidz Operation Snakebite Cove Graphic novel

Defence Kidz Operation Snakebite Cove Graphic novel

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Age Group: 6 - 12 years.

10% of all proceeds go to support Australian veteran families.

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with 'Defence Kidz: Secrets of Snakebite Cove,' a thrilling graphic novel that will captivate young readers!

When their families are posted to the remote military base of Snakebite Cove, five very different animal friends come together to uncover secrets, survive wild adventures and solve a long- forgotten mystery lurking just beneath the surface of their new home town.
Random fireballs that light up the bushland at night, a forgotten tunnel network dug by 18th century pirates and a shadowy figure that always seems one step ahead of the kids.
Clearly there is something big going on and our young adventurers can’t resist!
Calling their group the Defence Kidz, they begin unravelling the mystery of Snakebite Cove, one dangerous secret at a time!

Bianca, of a Navy seal mum, is reluctant to make friends at first, having lost too many through the family's past relocations. But next-door neighbours Duck, a tawny frogmouth wannabe pilot, and Reggie, an army-obsessed female potoroo, won't take "leave me alone" for an answer and take her on a lightning tour of some of the town's oddities - random fireballs that light up the bushland, a buried pirate ship, a sprawling network of smugglers' tunnels - and Bianca is instantly hooked. These mysteries need solving - Stat!

With stunning illustrations and a gripping storyline, 'Defence Kidz: Secrets of Snakebite Cove' is a must-read for adventure lovers everywhere. Join the Defence Kidz on their quest for truth and uncover the secrets hidden beneath the surface of their new hometown!

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