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Kangaroo Beach

Kangaroo Beach 8" Plush Toy - Neville

Kangaroo Beach 8" Plush Toy - Neville

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Introducing Neville the Wombat, a lovable and squishy addition to the Kangaroo Beach Plush Collection! Neville is a hairy-nosed albino wombat with a big heart and a great mind for inventions. With his gentle nature and endearing personality, this plush toy perfectly captures the spirit of Neville, the sweet and curious wombat from Kangaroo Beach.

Neville's round nose and bright eyes give him an expressive face that radiates friendliness and warmth. His wide smile showcases his friendly demeanour, making him an instant favourite with your little one. The attention to detail in Neville's design, from the texture of his fur to the shape of his ears, is a perfect reflection of the character you know and love from the show.

Bring home Neville the Wombat from the Kangaroo Beach Plush Collection and let him inspire hours of imaginative play and cuddles. With Neville by their side, children can embark on exciting adventures and explore Kangaroo Beach from the comfort of their home.

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